Lung Flute™ Instructions - How the Lung Flute Works

Learn more about the Lung Flute™How the Lung Flute™ works:

When you gently blow into the Lung Flute™ in a series of repetitions, your breath moves the reed inside and causes acoustic vibrations. This vibration loosens and thins secretions deep in your lungs. The result is the secretions progressively move up the airway to the back of your throat.

Maintenance of the Lung Flute™

The Lung Cleanser™ is expected to have a useful life of6 months from the date of first use and maintained as described below.

1. Replacing the reed. The reed inside the Lung Flute™ should be replaced about every two weeks depending on frequency of use.

2. When You replace the reed, wash the inside of the horn and mouthpiece with mild dish soap and hot water. Allow the parts to air dry or dry them well manually before reassembling.

Directions for Use:

1. Hold the Lung Flute™ pointing down. Breathe a little deeper than normal and place your lips completely around the mouthpiece. Gently blow out through the Lung Flute™.

2. Remove your mouth from the mouthpiece. Quickly inhale again and gently blow as before.

3. Start with 5 sets of 2 blows each and slowly work up to 20 sets of 2 blows.

4. Once you have worked up to the required
number of 2-blow repetitions, the Lung Flute™ has thinned and loosened your secretions. Wait 10 minutes after your session for secretions to collect at the back of your throat. You may notice a thin collection for several hours. This is normal. A glass of water can prevent minor throat irritation.


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