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I have a lot of pain in my knee after falling. The doctor says my knee cap is broken and will need surgery. PluriPain really works great. Better than ibuprofen that makes my stomach upset. I do not want to use opioids. I take PluriPain in the morning and the pain goes away in an hour. I have no pain for the rest of the day. I have no trouble sleeping. I want to keep using PrimiRelief™ after my operation.

Silvia Y, Brazil

I just had a great experience with the product, I suffered a pretty bad bout of back spasm and stiffness due to my lower back seizing up and 'locking' on me, haven't had that happen to that degree in quite some time, I took eight capsules and within a short time period at work I was able to continue without the pronounced discomfort I had been going through, by the time I got to treatment in the late afternoon I was able to receive physio without the accompanying level of inflammation related pain id normally have - great stuff!

Tim M., NSW, Australia

When I was diagnosed with degenerative back problems, my doctor put me on high doses of Naproxen and omeprazole. It killed the pain, but I had an upset stomach. Instead using PrimiRelief™ more than a month ago to control the pain, it works really fast and one serving lasts all day. It stops the pain, with no side effects and as a bonus eliminates the occasional migraine headaches I have.

Patty J., Nevada, USA