What users say:

What users say:

“Me and my family took Primicell® for a period of one month. All of us could feel, that Primicell® had a “grounding” effect on us. Nervousness and unrest got less, which had a good impact on the sleep behavior - the sleep got deeper. Therefore, we somehow felt stronger! “  
- Cerrin S., Germany

“Primicell® is my absolute 'prime' go-to source for internal energy, enhancing both my yoga practice and teachings. Primicell balances out my emotions, boosts my energy levels and provides my body with continuous strength and suppleness - especially before, during and after my advanced dynamic ashtanga practice!" -
- Charlotte Dodson, www.charlottedodson.tv

“With PrimiCell®, I noticed right away a burst of energy and a more positive mindset. My hair and nails grew so fast!”
- Nicholle , NV

“I had chronic fatigue for more than 3 years.  Nothing was helping me feel more energy and to not be tired all the time.  I had trouble sleeping and anxiety.  I noticed a big improvement in my energy, sleep and mood after 4 months of taking PrimiCell®.  Also, I used to have a little problem with my balance when standing.  This problem went away when I started using PrimiCell®.  I am sure that this is the reason I am better.”
- Jenya K., Germany

“I am a professional Saddle Bronco Rider. I ride buckin horses on the weekend. I go to over 40+ rodeos a year and my body takes a toll. After 30 days on PrimiCell®, I’m starting to feel a big difference in body soreness, as in when I used to be done, you know you stand around on concrete all day and the horses will typically pull on you which can make your hip sore, your back sore. My arms got real sore from swinging a hammer, shaping a shoe. My body gets sore from hitting the ground in the Bronco riding or getting jerked around. After taking PrimiCell® I do not have any soreness in my neck and my hip feels better. My elbows and my wrists really hurt in the past and that all seems to be going away. I feel a big difference.”
- Sean P, Oklahoma

“PrimiCell® is a MIRACLE! I feel 100% better.  I am now able to do my yoga with plenty of energy, and no pain!  I am hooked! Since it had been working so effectively, I was able to reduce dose from 2, 2x/day to 1, 2x/day and I still am feeling much better.” 
- Bashe O, CA


Canine Regen®
What users say:

My 8 year old male Pomeranian, Punya,  has had low energy and poor appetite  for the last three years.  Also, my dog is troubled by seizures which usually occur about once per week.  The veterinarian tried some medicine that did not control the seizures and made my dog sick.  I started my dog on Canine Regen about six months ago and he seemed to get better within a week.  He is much more energetic and has a good appetite now.  Also, surprisingly,  he has only had one seizure since starting Canine Regen.  Thank you for helping my Punya to have a more normal life! 
- Lisa N.

A large part of my practice is comprised of sporting dogs--Pointers, Retrievers, Setters & Spaniels-- where focus, stamina and endurance are key. Both my clients are highly regarded trainers who use PrimiCell􀀁 For Dogs  have told me that it makes their dogs more alert in training, dramatically improves fields trials scores and enhances overall health."
- r. Charlie T, DVM

"I'm a professional dog trainer who's never endorsed a product, but after PrimiCell􀀁 For Dogs changed Willow's life, I've changed my tune. Willow, my 2 1 /2 year old Doberman, had alopecia and multiple other health issues. 40 days of PrimiCell®  For Dogs she's dramatically better--healthy coat, better appetite, more energy/ stamina and her alopecia is gone:'
- Gary E, Professional Dog Trainer

“Our dog took Canine Regen® for a period of two months. He had intestinal problems with frequent diarrheas. Although, this problem has not completely been healed, it had a strengthening effect on him. The stool got more shaped and his condition became more stable under the therapy.”
- Cerrin S, Germany

Equine Regen® Plus
What users say:

“One of our Arabians suffered an injury to his hind fetlock/pastern/coffin joint; soft tissue structures. He was RJ bandaged for weeks and the size of his support dressings gradually stepped down once he was healing. Regen came into the equation at the point when he went into lower leg dressings only and was weaning off analgesia. it has helped his body cope with healing. So many supplements are packed with fillers but this one is potent, bare essentials, and easy to use. The horse has progressed to just stable bandage at night and some gentle (!!) walking in hand with barely any swelling throughout. Also trialed it on another with quite reactive skin – quite a warm horse, not sweet itch or allergy that we can pinpoint, but the sprouty mane was less than pleasing to look at. It certainly improved the clarity of his skin and he has been less itchy, despite it being the depths of winter – rugs, minimal exercise and so on. All in all, I’m impressed”
- Laura P., UK

“All the horses are significantly better in their recovery times and their coasts are much better. The horses are not nearly as stressed at the polo matches and two horses who always go off feed during polo season now are eating normally.  Non-sweaters are sweating normally without medication just on the Equine Regen®.”   
- Rachel T, S. Carolina, USA

“The family purchased an 8 year old gelding without a show record, Cat Curls.  He was diagnosed with chronic navicular and could not be ridden without experiencing discomfort.  We put him on Equine Regen® Plus , since then we have shown him in both the NCHA and ACHA successfully. At, this year’s ACHA World Championship Show, Cat Curls won the first go around and placed 5th in Finals.  Equine Regen® Plus has been a life-saving experience for me and Cat Curls.  With Equine Regen® Plus, he is not on pain killers, uses no drugs and is as sound as any horse that I have.  I knew Cat Curls was a great horse.  I have had several offers to purchase Cat Curls. Thanks to Equine Regen® Plus Cat Curls has a long winning future with the Colclasure family.”
- Bruce Colclasure, trainer, owner and champion rider. 


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