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What our Users Say about PrimiLungs™

PrimiLungs has made a big change in my life.  I feel great since starting it two years ago.  I used to get coughs and colds with fever maybe 3 or 4 times a year – Since I’ve been on PrimiLungs I have not had even one infection.  I am really into sports so it’s very important that I have a lot of energy and easy breathing all the time.

-Art P.  NV

I’ve tried a lot of supplements to improve my health and have been let down by most.  PrimiLungs is different, it really helps to give me good breathing and a ton of energy, even when I work out at the end of a long day.

-Paul B,  CA

All my life I was with weak lungs and with many colds, coughs and flu problems, more when it is cold.   I don’t like antibiotics and drugs.  For the past year I take PrimiLungs every day and I am not sick.   .  Now I sleep better and feel better during the day.

-Tonya N, Miami

I used to be a heavy smoker and I know that my breathing is damaged.  Before I started PrimiLungs last year, I had no energy and got flu a lot,  It took about three weeks for me to see the difference.  I feel stronger now and can work full days without getting so tired.  PrimiLungs really helps more than all the vitamins and supplements I’ve tried

Slavik N., Russia

Thank you for PrimiLungs!  Started a year ago and after only one month I felt much stronger.  Mainly, I don’t have colds and I think my allergies are better too. It really helps.

-Francoise, de W.,  France

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