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All Natural Botanical StemCell Activator
Anti-aging All-in-one support

  • Invigorate Stem Cell release and migration
  • Stimulate migration of immune Cells
  • Minimize effect of stress and aging
  • Sharpen memory, mental focus and concentration
  • Enhance anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Elevate mood
  • Enhance physical performance, endurance and stamina
  • Speed up recovery
  • Enhance healthier skin, nail and hair.

No cholesterol, no transfat, 10 Vitamins, 18 Amino Acids 62 Minerals and Trace Minerals, 14 Fatty acids including Omega 3,5,6 & 7, protein 60%, Phycocyanin



Each capsule contains the following: Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA), Spirulina, Astragalus, Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, Cordyceps


What users Say about PrimiCell®:

“Me and my family took Primicell® for a period of one month. All of us could feel, that Primicell® had a “grounding” effect on us. Nervousness and unrest got less, which had a good impact on the sleep behavior - the sleep got deeper. Therefore, we somehow felt stronger! “  
- Cerrin S., Germany

“Primicell® is my absolute 'prime' go-to source for internal energy, enhancing both my yoga practice and teachings. Primicell balances out my emotions, boosts my energy levels and provides my body with continuous strength and suppleness - especially before, during and after my advanced dynamic ashtanga practice!" -
- Charlotte Dodson,

“With PrimiCell®, I noticed right away a burst of energy and a more positive mindset. My hair and nails grew so fast!”
- Nicholle , NV

“I had chronic fatigue for more than 3 years.  Nothing was helping me feel more energy and to not be tired all the time.  I had trouble sleeping and anxiety.  I noticed a big improvement in my energy, sleep and mood after 4 months of taking PrimiCell®.  Also, I used to have a little problem with my balance when standing.  This problem went away when I started using PrimiCell®.  I am sure that this is the reason I am better.”
- Jenya K., Germany

“I am a professional Saddle Bronco Rider. I ride buckin horses on the weekend. I go to over 40+ rodeos a year and my body takes a toll. After 30 days on PrimiCell®, I’m starting to feel a big difference in body soreness, as in when I used to be done, you know you stand around on concrete all day and the horses will typically pull on you which can make your hip sore, your back sore. My arms got real sore from swinging a hammer, shaping a shoe. My body gets sore from hitting the ground in the Bronco riding or getting jerked around. After taking PrimiCell® I do not have any soreness in my neck and my hip feels better. My elbows and my wrists really hurt in the past and that all seems to be going away. I feel a big difference.”
- Sean P, Oklahoma

“PrimiCell® is a MIRACLE! I feel 100% better.  I am now able to do my yoga with plenty of energy, and no pain!  I am hooked! Since it had been working so effectively, I was able to reduce dose from 2, 2x/day to 1, 2x/day and I still am feeling much better.” 
- Bashe O, CA


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