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I regularly suffer from very severe debilitating migraine headaches and have experienced them for more than a year.  I have been to a host of specialist doctors and taken a variety of tests in order to get prescribed medicines.  There was no kind of remedy - the max drugs would normally not even take the edge off the pain. Nothing had worked at all until recently.    Finally, I received a sample of PluriPain® to try.  When I suffered the next major headache, I took the new PluriPain® , and within an hour the debilitating edge of the pain was gone such that the remaining headache was acceptable.  Within another hour or so the headache was essentially gone due to the PluriPain® . It is such a relief to know that a solution is at hand".  – PAGE W., CO, USA

"My shoulder was really hurting from surfing, it's been locked and frozen for some time. I've been surfing for more than 35 years, doing surf coaching, certificate training, organizing surf competitions and surf judging as well. I've been taking four PluriPain®  every morning for a few weeks and my shoulder is feeling so much better. I sometimes feel a bit of pain but it's so good now compared to when I used to wake up in the morning. It's going very well." - Takenori Higashimoto, 48, Australasian distributor for Deathless Surfboards, Treasurer of Boardriders International NPO

“I just had a great experience with the product, I suffered a pretty bad bout of back spasm and stiffness due to my lower back seizing up and 'locking' on me, haven't had that happen to that degree in quite some time, I took eight capsules and within a short time period at work I was able to continue without the pronounced discomfort I had been going through, by the time I got to treatment in the late afternoon I was able to receive physio without the accompanying level of inflammation related pain id normally have - great stuff!”
 – Tim M., NSW, Australia

“When I was diagnosed with degenerative back problems, my doctor put me on high doses of Naproxen and omeprazole.  It killed the pain, but I had an upset stomach.  Instead using PluriPain® more than a month ago to control the pain, it works really fast and one serving lasts all day.  It stops the pain, with no side effects and as a bonus eliminates the occasional migraine headaches I have.
 Patty J., Nevada, USA

Hello, I’m a 55 yr. old female with chronic pain of unknown origin. I have been taking Pluripain for several months now and am amazed at how well it works! I ride horses and compete on them and this helped me to continue to do what I love. Thanks so much for a great product that actually works!
- Linda Campbell, USA

PluriPain®, they take away all the pain in my feet, back and legs to make everyday life enjoyable again.”
– Tawny W, Oklahoma, USA

PluriPain®  has been a lifesaver for me after having shoulder surgery.  It was definitely a game changer.
– Chris B. North Carolina, USA

We need  PluriPain® !!! How much longer before we can start buying it. Its’s good stuff.  My mom was down in her knee from remodeling her house to put it on the market.  I went and got the samples out of the big truck and let her try it.  She referred to PluriPain® as Gold and want to know how to buy it.”
– MISTY S. Mississippi, USA

"I suffered a knee injury last year from a rugby game - an MCL injury. I took the PluriPain® with me on a recent surf trip to Indonesia and I didn't feel any discomfort in my knee, despite surfing for five or six hours each day. I did not expect this to be the case. I also really like the Primilive, as a student it's given me great focus and increased my productivity."
- Katsumi Masui, 24, Northern Rivers, Australia

"I've been taking this fantastic product - PluriPain® - for a few weeks now. Since I've started taking it, my pain has eased, which has been a huge positive for me. I suffer major back and wrist pain due to an accident, which in turn affects my ability to perform my work as a mechanic . I'm able to do a lot more with less pain. I highly recommend it."
- Muss Davis, Gold Coast, Australia

I have a lot of pain in my knee after falling.  The doctor says my kneecap is broken and will need surgery.  PluriPain®  really works great.  Better than ibuprofen that makes my stomach upset.  I do not want to use opioids.   I take PluriPain®  in the morning and the pain goes away in an hour.   I have no pain for the rest of the day.  I have no trouble sleeping.  I want to keep using PluriPain® after my operation.
- - Silvia Y., Sao Paulo, Brasil

“I’ve been using the PluriPain™ for approximately 4 weeks now, and the results achieved are nothing short of amazing. I’ve suffered from lower back pain, sciatica, shoulder injuries over the years – I’ve been a surf coach for 15 years and surfing for over 30. I’ve been on everything, from nandone, opioids, CBD (which has helped) – nothing’s done what the PluriPain™ has done. In a matter of half an hour after taking three to four capsules, there’s literally little-to-no pain at all. For something thats a natural product, the results are phenomenal. I can’t believe that something so natural – after trying other non-natural, “stronger” remedies – can work so well, it’s blown my mind. What I’m seeing as a result of taking PluriPain® is something I’ve never felt before, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future, I’m really excited.”

– Dan Butler, 41, southern Gold Coast, Australia – head surf instructor, Walkin’ on Water

“I have been suffering for months with horrible knee pain. The only time I was out of pain was after taking a prescription pain pill and going to sleep, only for it to wear off and the pain was right back.  I took the PluriPain® after standing for 3 hours on concrete and by the time I drove the hour home, I was able to get out of the truck and walk with less pain than I had in months.  My knees felt even better the next day.  My pain doesn’t go completely away, but it is 100% better than it was. So please put this stuff on the market!”
– Cindy B., Oklahoma, USA

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