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PrimiCell® for Dogs
All-natural anti-aging
All-In-One Immune support

• Aid in Cellular Regeneration
• Speed Recovery and Reduce Stress
• Stimulate Migration of Immune Cells
• Enhance Stamina • Enhance Anti-Inflammatory Effects
• Improve Overall Appearances of Skin and Hair Luster
• Improve Temperament of Dogs
• Only APBAR rated Dog Supplement 

What Users Say about CANINE REGEN®:

My 8 year old male Pomeranian, Punya,  has had low energy and poor appetite  for the last three years.  Also, my dog is troubled by seizures which usually occur about once per week.  The veterinarian tried some medicine that did not control the seizures and made my dog sick.  I started my dog on Canine Regen about six months ago and he seemed to get better within a week.  He is much more energetic and has a good appetite now.  Also, surprisingly,  he has only had one seizure since starting Canine Regen.  Thank you for helping my Punya to have a more normal life! 
- Lisa N.

A large part of my practice is comprised of sporting dogs--Pointers, Retrievers, Setters & Spaniels-- where focus, stamina and endurance are key. Both my clients are highly regarded trainers who use PrimiCell􀀁 For Dogs  have told me that it makes their dogs more alert in training, dramatically improves fields trials scores and enhances overall health."
- r. Charlie T, DVM

"I'm a professional dog trainer who's never endorsed a product, but after PrimiCell􀀁 For Dogs changed Willow's life, I've changed my tune. Willow, my 2 1 /2 year old Doberman, had alopecia and multiple other health issues. 40 days of PrimiCell®  For Dogs she's dramatically better--healthy coat, better appetite, more energy/ stamina and her alopecia is gone:'
- Gary E, Professional Dog Trainer

“Our dog took Canine Regen® for a period of two months. He had intestinal problems with frequent diarrheas. Although, this problem has not completely been healed, it had a strengthening effect on him. The stool got more shaped and his condition became more stable under the therapy.”
- Cerrin S, Germany



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